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Vision Revolution Taekwondo Uniform

Revolution Uniform is Vision's flagship Competition uniform. Currently experienced by nation's top competitors, this uniform truly revolutionized what uniforms can be, and should be. Endowed with the title The lightest uniform in the world, our Revolution uniforms are made with 100% Polyester Dobby knit fabric with SAEBIO-N.S.F. finish, optimized for maximum comfort, performance, and durability to compliment world-class Taekwondo athletes. Researched, developed, and rigorously tested in Korea's renowned textile institute, you will soon experience the most revolutionary technology specifically developed for world-class Competition.


   Black V-Neck

Size Price
#000 $119.99
#00 $119.99
#0 $119.99
#1 $119.99
#2 $119.99
#3 $119.99
#4 $119.99
#5 $119.99
#6 $119.99
#7 $119.99