Vision Martial Arts Olympic Revolution Uniform

Vision USA has been an official sponsor and partner of USA Taekwondo for some time now, and has gone on to become the exclusive developer and provider of all USA Taekwondo uniforms.


Vision USA is the first Martial Arts company to introduce the breathable technology for Sparring Uniforms when they released the Vision Revolution Uniform in 2004. This has since set the standard for all Sparring Uniforms and today it is the most popular type of uniform in the market.

Vision Olympic Revolution TKD Uniform

Made of high quality 55% cotton, 45% polyester blend material, this uniform provides comfort and durability at a minimal cost.  

Deluxe Uniforms feature ribbed and corded cotton/polyester fabric that is crisp and maintains a more firm shape.

White V Neck Uniforms for White Belts to High Purple Belts.
Black V Neck Uniforms for Red Belts to Black Belt.
Red Black V Neck Uniforms for Black Belt and up.

[info]Vision USA has now become the exclusive US Distributor for the World Taekwondo recognized brand – TUSAH. [/info]


TUSAH Taekwondo Premium Fighter Uniform

The Tusah Premium Collection uses the highest quality fabric and materials, and with Tusah being inspired by breathable fabrics in others sports, they have incorporated those materials to construct this Premium Fighter Uniform. 


The Premium Uniform is WTF Approved for competition, made from an ultra lightweight breathable fabric and is available in Black or White V-neck. 

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